FAQ About The Tour



9 am  &  1:30 pm  / Saturdays & Sundays

You can begin loading our shuttle bus 30 minutes prior to the tours (8:30 & 1:00) and we will depart at 9 am and  1:30 pm.  We value your time and will make every effort to accommodate you, however if you are not there at the departure time we'll assume you have decided to reschedule your tour as we will depart precisely at the scheduled tour start time.

Where to Meet

Ted Rhodes Golf Course located at 1901 Ed Temple Blvd. Nashville, TN 37208

Food & Drinks

You may bring a snack with you on the bus to be comfortable, but you'll be singing, laughing, & dancing (in your seat). We do ask that you be mindful of your fellow guest and that your eating/snacking does not become a distraction. 

Restroom & Picture Breaks

We will make a stop about 1/2 way through the tour for a restroom break. We will also stop to take a group picture.

Children's Tickets & Strollers

Children are welcome and our tour is designed to be a family friendly event enjoyed by any age. We do ask that you leave strollers in your vehicle.

Lights, Sound, & Video

Lights, audio, sound, and video are a part of EduTainment and are use to make the experience enjoyable, unique and remarkable.  Your tour may include flashing lights.

Alcohol & Behavior

Feel free to be comfortable, laugh, have fun, and be interactive, but so that we can maintain a family friendly event that is also a "Safe Place" we request that there is no visible use or smell of alcohol. Additionally, we request that ALL behavior and language should be profanity free, decent, and orderly.